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Custom Personalizable Printable FAQ

Our custom personalized printables give you the beauty and style of a custom commissioned art piece at a fraction of the price, with the convenience of printing at home.

If you are experiencing trouble opening or printing a customizable file, try these solutions.

Questions about printable files? Click here. 

Trouble downloading? Click here. 

Other questions? Email our team at

How do I open my custom personalized printable file? 

Each of our custom fillable files comes ready-to-open in a free PDF program called Adobe Reader, which you can download here. Just download the file to your computer (not to a tablet or phone) using the download link in your email order confirmation or on the order confirmation page, then open the file in Adobe Reader (not in your web browser or another PDF viewer).

To ensure that the file opens and displays correctly, please update to the latest version of Adobe Reader. 

How do I customize my fillable printable file? 

Once you've opened the file in Adobe Reader, you will see one or more blue-gray shaded fields -- this is where you can enter the personalized info for your printable. Fields without any text entered will not print on the final version. 

Please note that the font is embedded in each file and in most cases, the font size will automatically adjust based on the length of the entry. For example, on our carved birch tree customizable bundle, the name Sam will appear a different size than the name Samantha due to the difference in the length of the name. 

How do I print my file once I have personalized it? 

Once you have entered the text you wish to have printed, click File > Save As and save the file with a different file name based on the text you've entered. 

Then, for printing at home, click File > Print to send the file to your printer, just as you would any other file. 

For printing at a local print shop, save the re-named PDF file to a USB drive, which you can then take into the print shop to have printed. 

I want to print my personalized file at a photo printer instead of a print shop. Can I do that? 

Yes, you can! After following the instructions above to customize and then save the file with your custom text, you'll need to use an online converter to change that PDF to a JPG (or JPEG) image file. We've had good results with SmallPDF and PDFtoImage (both free and online), but there are many other options available online and as downloadable apps if you prefer. 

Once you've converted the custom PDF to a .jpg file, you can upload it to the photo printer of your choice and print at the size you prefer. *Please note that if you choose to scale the file to a smaller/different size, cropping will occur. 

The text isn't showing in the right font once I open the file. Can you help?

First, update to the latest version of Adobe Reader available here. Then download and save the file again using the link from your Download email. Open Adobe Reader, and select File > Open to choose the correct file. 

If that doesn't work, try following those steps again on a different computer. If you are using a Mac, try switching to a PC. 

And if that doesn't work, drop us a line at and we'll help you! 

I tried to open the file using an image editing software (such as Photoshop) and it won't let me. Why? 

To protect our designers' copyright, each file in our shop has various protections in place to ensure the file cannot be altered to remove copyright info or make other adjustments. Thanks for understanding and supporting our artists! If you're interested in purchasing a commercial license, please contact us at 

I have a different question, or I've tried these solutions and am still having trouble with the file. Who can I contact? 

We're so sorry to hear you've having trouble with a printable file. Email us at and our amazing team can help.